Messier 34

The Art of Line

Messier 34
Messier 34

Hi everyone!

I observed M34 in Nov. midnight with my 15″ Dob.

The center of M34 has big & bright ‘Y’ shape, and many lines follow the ‘Y’!

It is very impressive and huge.

I drew all of the stars in my eyepiece through two nights.

But I couldn’t express M34 perpectly..

Who makes this fantastic star chains?

God? or My eyes? 🙂

Object Name : M34
Object Type : Open Cluster
Location : S. Korea
Date : Nov. 11, 2013
Media : Black paper, Jelly pen, Pastel pencil

2 thoughts on “The Art of Line”

  1. The Creator placed the stars in the sky and He know them by name. Very nice sketch Nightwid. God bless your talent!!!

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