Crater Vieta

Crater Vieta

Crater Vieta
Crater Vieta

Lunar Crater Vieta–Gerry Smerchanski

Lunar crater in lower eastern quadrant

Sketched from: Teulon, Manitoba Canada

Date: 21:00 to 22:30 CDT Sept 27th 2012.

Medium Graphite pencil ink and whiteout on white paper. Image flipped and contrast adjusted to compensate for scanning shortcomings.

This was the stunning end of a string of impressive looking craters starting back at Gassendi that night.

4 thoughts on “Crater Vieta”

  1. Gerry,

    Your sketch is really eye catching with crisp light and dark details. I like the use of the whiteout for your darks (inverted). I will have to give that a try!


  2. Cindy: The inversion I referred to was to flip it from the mirrored view of the SCT to the correct view. There was no inverting of the color such as making a negative image. But for those who do sketches of deep space object the technique you suggest does work.

    Second issue: I’ve noticed that my image appears too bright on most monitors (my jpg file is set to my miscalibrated monitor) and that to really see it as intended one should darken the image a fair bit. I’ll try to get my monitor calibrated before another submission.

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