Eastern Veil (NGC6922-6955 / IC1340)

The Eastern Veil

Eastern Veil (NGC6922-6955 / IC1340)
Eastern Veil (NGC6922-6955 / IC1340)


I’d like to submit my latest sketch for the ASOD. The Object is the Eastern Veil (NGC6922-6955 / IC1340) which I’ve observed with my 18″ f/4,45 homemade Dob. It was done at my observatory in Carù di Villa Minozzo, a small village in the Emilian Apennines of northern Italy on the evening of the 5th of July. Originally I used pencil on white paper and then elaborated it extensively on the pc to make it look as realistically as possible.

Have you ever had one of these drawings you’ve always wanted to make but never got round to it? Well, this one used to be mine. Perhaps I was afraid of the many subtleties, the complexity and the enormous amount of time involved (mostly because having to re-acclimatise my eyes to the dark after every pencil stroke). This nebula is so spectacular with the 2″ binoviewers and a couple of 82° eyepieces. It just didn’t fit in the FOV though and unfortunately I had to find a balance between the “snake’s teeth” (IC1340) and the bright NGC6992 area. It also took me quite some time indeed, but in the end I’m really pleased with the result. I hope you are too.

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  1. Ciao Peter, i miei complimenti per l’Asod e per il disegno come sempre di altissimo livello.

  2. Peter,

    This is a wonderful sketch and looks great on my monitor.


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