NGC 6520 and Barnard 86

NGC 6520 and Barnard 86

NGC 6520 and Barnard 86
NGC 6520 and Barnard 86

Hi, this sketch of open cluster barnard 86 of my last observation. It is a wonderful object, we can enjoy this jewel in the night sky. That day I could enjoy a very stable sky very definition, hitting that day to draw this magnificent object. Undoubtedly one of my favorite dark nebulae. Do not fail to escape this object in your upcoming observations.
regards and good heavens.

Object name: NGC 6520 / Barnard 86
Object type: Open cluster & dark nebula
Location: Bonilla cuenca ( spain )
Date: 5 July 2013
Media: graphite pencil,processed and inverted gimp 2.8
Optical equipment: Dobsonian telescope 10″ F/5 Meade lightbridge , eye piece Explore scientific 18mm 82°
Magnification 70x True field 1,1°

Sky conditions: Moderate windnelm Nelm 5,9 Temperature 23,4°C relative humidity 40% Borthle scale 3/9 web site

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