JUPITER - 3 April 2015

Jupiter – 3 April 2015

JUPITER - 3 April 2015
Jupiter – 3 April 2015

Object Name: Jupiter
Object Type: planet
Location: Penalver (Spain)
Date: 3-4-2015
Media: graphite pencil on white paper, captured with digital camera and processed with Gimp.

Hi This is a sketch of the planet Jupiter made throught my 6” achromatic refractor (TS Individual 152/900), binoviewer, a pair of 8 mm eyepieces and glasspath that gave me 293x. The seeing was very good during all the observation, allthought the arriving of high clouds at 01:00 am ended with the fun.

It was remarcable the wedge that seems to divide the NEB and a bright patch between this belt and NTB that reminds a great oval.

I hope you to enjoy with this sketch.

If you wish to read more about this observational report and others, please visit the web of my astronomical group (www.laotramitad.org).

Best regards.

David Sedano

2 thoughts on “Jupiter – 3 April 2015”

  1. David,

    Fantastic detail in your Jupiter sketch. I have heard the binoviewers made for an almost 3D expereince through the eyepice. Your Jupiter looks as if I could touch it! Nice work.


  2. Thank you very much for your comment Cindy!

    Since I purchased the binoviewer I can´t do a planetary observation without it. The view with both eyes is more relaxing and efective.

    Kind regards.


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