Occultation of Jupiter

Occultation of Jupiter
Occultation of Jupiter


I send my sketch of the “Occultation of Jupiter”

Sketch shows a moment of Jupiter by the Moon Cloak and umbrella immunity telescope eyepiece at 120x magnification. God heard my prayers! Despite the terrible weather the moon emerged from behind the clouds. The view was magnificent. Emotions reached its zenith. Sketch was made before the moon covered the planet. Unfortunately I did not see the moons of Jupiter as the light clouds hamper perception. I hope you managed to show this phenomenon :))
In addition, the nature of the country lent incredible experience.

Object name: Occultation of Jupiter
Location: Psary in Poland
Date: July 15, 2012 3:32 pm
Media: Pencil 2B, blue crayons, white paper. Background and field of view was created in GIMP
Thanks and regards :)))))))

Saturn, Titan and Raindrops

Saturn and Titan
Saturn and Titan

Object Name: Saturn
Object Type: Planet
Location: Deventer, The Netherlands
Date: May 13, 2012
Media: Pastel pencils on black paper

Last night I wanted to make a sketch of Saturn, mostly to capture as much moons as possible through my old 75mm f/15 Polarex/Unitron refractor. After 45 minutes of sketching at 200x with pastel pencils on black paper, Saturn was pretty much done (although I found it surprisingly difficult to draw a good ellipse for the rings), and just when I added the easily visble Titan, I heard some droplets on the trees next to me and felt something on my head: RAIN! I immediately covered the pastel sketch witch my hand and rushed inside my shed. After the sketch was save I pulled the telescope out of the rain. The most abrupt ending of a sketching session ever! I had completely missed the incoming clouds while viewing through the eyepiece.

Anyway, both the sketch and the telescope survived. Sadly with only one moon observed: Titan.

Clear skies and kind regards,
Roel Weijenberg

Io Shadow Transit

Jupiter-Io Shadow Transit
Jupiter-Io Shadow Transit

Hello artists,allo.k. after the big dinner of this days? I started my sketch activity very good, I go to hill near my town and, with my refractor kenko 80mm 1000 of focal length, I have observed in first time Venus (very low and disturbed by turbulence), Moon and at the end Jupiter.
When i see in the scope made my shout: “Wow”!!
I see the transit of IO in front the giant and his shadow!! I’m very lucky!
I made with pen the first version of sketch, after i realized a copy with graphite pencil.
I hope to continue in this line for all 2012…

Clear sky at all
Ciao, Giorgio-

Site: Pergola (serraspinosa hill), 1 January 2012 from 5,15 p.m to 6,00 p.m.
Instrument: Refractor Kenko 80/1000
Eyepiece: 6mm lsantanium vixen
Seeing: Good,light turbulence
Temperature: No cold. light wind.

Dual Transit

Jupiter Europa Shadow Transit
Jupiter Europa Shadow Transit

On the night of Dec. 20, 2011 I managed to catch a tansit of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter with the shadow of the moon Europa also tranisting near the GRS. The telescope used was a 120mm refractor at 125x while observing in my suburban Orleans, Ontario, Canada backyard. The sketch was done at the eyepiece and later cleaned up in Paint Shop Pro. The colour was added with coloured pencils and pasted into the reversed scan of the original sketch.

Clear skies,
Gordon Webster

Jupiter and Its Moons

Jupiter and Moons

Dear Asod,

I send you here the sketch made by my daughter, age of 6.

She likes coming out with me and watching the sunspots, the lunar craters and planets, but this was the very first time she sketched like the ‘big ones’. She has stood next to the telescope with a pencil and a notepad and examined the object very knowingly just like an adult does it. Finally she came out with this sketch, which was quite realistic. The moons are in their place and also she could see a few additional stars.

Sketch made by: Liliana Rudolf
Date: 18th December 2011
Location: Hungary, Budapest
Equipment used: 130/650 SW, 26x
Media: graphite pencil on white paper

Clear skies,
Judit Hannak

Jupiter and Moons by Sam Ferrie

Jupiter, Io, Europa , Ganymede, and Callisto
Jupiter, Io, Europa , Ganymede, and Callisto

Jupiter, Io, Europa , Ganymede, and Callisto pencil sketch by Sam Ferrie age 9
St Cronans Stargazers Bray Co Wicklow Ireland / St Cronans National School Bray.

Using a 200 mm dob , with an 8mm Hyperion Modular eyepiece , FL 1,200mm Seeing 2
December 5th 20:06 2011
Temp 1 degree C

Deirdre Kelleghan
Vice Chair IFAS
National Coordinator for Astronomers Without Borders
National Rep The European Association for Astronomy Education

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Europa Transit

Jupiter and Europa
Jupiter and Europa

Location: Płaza, Poland
Date: 04.11.2011
Media: graphite pencil, white paper

This is sketch of the Jupiter and one of his moons – Europa, which had a beautiful transit in the front of the Jupiter. I used an 8″ reflector with a 240x power. Seeing wasn’t so good as a few days ago, but it was livable and there wasn’t even one cloud on the sky. The Europa and her shadow was clearly visible, so I decided to made this sketch.