Jupiter and Its Moons

Jupiter and Moons

Dear Asod,

I send you here the sketch made by my daughter, age of 6.

She likes coming out with me and watching the sunspots, the lunar craters and planets, but this was the very first time she sketched like the ‘big ones’. She has stood next to the telescope with a pencil and a notepad and examined the object very knowingly just like an adult does it. Finally she came out with this sketch, which was quite realistic. The moons are in their place and also she could see a few additional stars.

Sketch made by: Liliana Rudolf
Date: 18th December 2011
Location: Hungary, Budapest
Equipment used: 130/650 SW, 26x
Media: graphite pencil on white paper

Clear skies,
Judit Hannak

6 thoughts on “Jupiter and Its Moons”

  1. Liliana,

    You made a very nice drawing of Jupiter and the 4 bright moons.
    Thank you for sharing it with everyone here.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Lili,

    You have created a beautiful sketch of Jupiter! The size of the planet, its many moons, and the surrounding stars. It must have been so nice to do a drawing about something that your dad likes to do.

    Congratulations! I hope to see more of your beautiful drawings here.

    Alex M.

  3. wonderfull sketch Lili!!! Very proportioned!! I hope you made others work!!
    Great future astrosketcher!!!
    Ciao,Giorgio Bonacorsi.

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