Jupiter – 1 April 2015

Jupiter - 1 April 2015
Jupiter – 1 April 2015


This sketch of my favorite planet of the solar system, that day their moons aligned, the great red spot and below this, the shadow of Europe, the picture was very rewarding and enjoyed meeting observation, but since the city only allows this type comments, try to have a place for these events really impressive. The original sketch was reduced and adjusted as is the eyepiece.

Best regards.

Jupiter and Moons - 1 April 2015
Jupiter and Moons – 1 April 2015

Object name: Jupiter
Object type: Planet
Location: Madrid City ( Spain )
Date: 1 April 2015
Hour: 22:15 < 23:20 Media: Graphite pencil, processed and inverted gimp 2.8 Optical equipment: Dobsonian telescope 10'' F/5 Eye piece Ethos 8mm + Barlow 2x Magnification 317x Sky conditions: Seeing 3/5. http://dibujodelcielonocturno.blogspot.com.es/

Tango Between Two Jupitermoons

Europa and Ganymede
Europa and Ganymede


I made a digital animation in GIMP of a partial eclipse of Europa by Ganymede (27%). During the event I saw clearly a “division” between the two moons but it was impossible to tell which moon was before the other. Because I couldn’t detect any color difference between the two moons I guess the “division” was an optical illusion due to the 8-figure. Hope you like it!

Clear skies

Jef De Wit

Object Name: Europa and Ganymede

Object Type: moon (of Jupiter)

Location: Hove, Belgium (51°09’ N 4°28’ E)

Date and time: 17 March 2015 0.14-0.30 UT

Equipment: Orion Optics UK 30 cm Dobson

Eyepiece: 5mm Nagler T6 (magnification 240x) + orange filter

Medium: GIMP

Side by Side Test: 5″ ED-Apo vs. 12″ Achro

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - January 18, 2014
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – January 18, 2014

5″ f9 refractor, x240 ]
12″ f10 efractor x350

location ; Backyard home in South. Korea
white paper [40 x30 cm] , graphite pencils , black ink
Date of observe/ sketch ; jan, 18. 2014.

Jupiter and Io shadow

Jupiter - December 30, 2013
Jupiter – December 30, 2013


I would like to submit a pair of visual observations for consideration.

Many Thanks
Stephen Pedajas

Hadfield, UK
30 December 2013
21.15 UT
Photoshop digital render from visual observation sketch.

Seeing 3 of 5

TSA102S FL 816 f/8
Delos 4.5
Magnification x181
iOptron MiniTower II

Jupiter and Io Shadow - December 30, 2013
Jupiter and Io Shadow – December 30, 2013

Jupiter and Europa

Jupiter and Europa - November 29, 2013
Jupiter and Europa – November 29, 2013

On Friday evening after setting up to observe, I could see sky conditions would be better than average for this time of year( late fall).
When Jupiter climbed to more than 60 degrees above the horizon, I realized that this would be the night to make a first sketch of Jupiter for the season.
The GRS was redder than last season especially in its center and was well set apart from both the South Tropical Zone and South Equatorial Belt. Europa had just emerged from behind the North Tropical Zone on the following side of the planet. A couple of festoons could be clearly seen in the Equatorial Zone emerging from the North Equatorial Belt.
It was right at my tolerable cold temperature limit for sketching and I finished before needing to retreat indoors to warm up.
On a steady night of good seeing this is the time to give Jupiter a look.

Equipment Used: 13.1 inch f/6 Dobsonian running on an equatorial platform 6mm eyepiece (333x) and Baader Neodymium filter

Sketching: Assorted graphite pencils, medium hard charcoal pencils, erasers, blending stumps,
white copy paper
Seeing: Pickering 7/10
Transparency : Average 3/5
Temperature: 21°F (-6°C)
Jupiter: Visual mag. -2.6, Diameter 44.65 “, illumination 99.6%, distance from earth 4.4 au

Frank McCabe

Evening Jupiter

Jupiter - March 13, 2012
Jupiter – March 13, 2012

Object Name: Jupiter
Object Type: Planet
Location: Lombard, IL, USA, 41° 52′ 48″ N / 88° 0′ 28″ W
Date: 13 Mar 2012, 20:15 CDT
Media: Pencil
Comments: Attached is the glorious Jupiter, with its four Galilean moons, from left to right: Io, Europa, Callisto, Ganymede. Usually, Jupiter shows more details, but its way past its prime viewing conditions at Sun-Earth opposition. The sketch was done by pencil, as observed at 240x, sky around the planet turned negative after scanning. Jupiter colors were adjusted using Photoshop to resemble observable Jovian palette better.

I’m re-sending this email with appropriate subject,

Triple Shadow Transit on Jupiter

Jupiter - Triple Shadow Transit - October 12, 2013
Jupiter – Triple Shadow Transit – October 12, 2013

Hi all,

On October 12th good weather allowed me to see the rare triple shadow transit on Jupiter, and in addition seeing was excellent. Callisto’s shadow was big and somewhat fuzzy, near the south pole, while Io’s and Europa’s were tiny and sharp, at both sides of the SEB. It was very interesting to see all three shadows move across the planet for one hour! The sketch corresponds approximately to the middle of the event.

Sketch: 2HB graphite pencil on white paper, scanned and processed with Photoshop CS3
Object Name: Triple shadow transit on Jupiter
Object Type: planet and moons
Location: Asturias, Spain
Date: October 12th, 2013 5:05 UT
Instrument: 120mm f/8.3 refractor + Ortho 6mm / Nagler T6 9mm + barlow 2x (167x / 222x)

Best regards,
Diego González

Two Beautiful Phenomena in One

Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter - April 14, 2013
Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter – April 14, 2013

Moon in corona and Jupiter in Conjunction (14-04-2013)

The lunar light diffracted by water drops, gave a beautifull spectacle of colored ring around the Moon just – like an aureole ! Near shone the the largest planet in the Solar System with his four Galilean moons!

Jupiter and Moons were also in small halos 😉

It was remarkable and unforgettable conjunction!

Yours Robert!

Sketch details:
Object Name: Two beautiful phenomenons in one
Object Type: The Conjunction
Location: Poland, Oborniki
Date: 14-04-2013
Equipment: APO 80/480
Power 12x, field of Swan 40mm, details of the Moon -ES 16mm and 8mm HD BST
Object Artist: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)

Jupiter from November 4, 2011

Jupiter - November 4, 2011
Jupiter – November 4, 2011

Dear Asod,

I send you here attached my sketch of Jupiter made on 5th November 2011. Although the seeing was not so good I was able to see fine details I have not seen before, so that was a lucky day. I have even seen the colour so I decided to make my sketch with colour pastel pencil.

Equipment used: 130/650 SW, 130x
Date: 4th November 2011
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Media: brown shades of pastel pencils used on white paper.

dr. Hannák Judit