Lunar horizon – Rima Petavius

Rima Petavius
Rima Petavius

I have observed rima Petavius several times .

One exellant seeing night, 2011. 9[september] .14 …. , I ,d found out with my 8″ refractor at x 340 the three tuna-fish like convex hills on the middle of the 80 km long rima road,,,

I was then feel very happy because maybe this discovery was the first since amateur lunar observing history.

I have made this artistic conception today, a Lunar horizon landscape viewed from on one of the the three [Tuna-fish like hills] which located on the bottom of 4 km wide, 80 km long magnificent rill.

I dont know how many billions of years have passed on this geological creation,formation, or evollution forces- sequences.


8 inches refractor x 340, homade equatorial

date; 2011. sep. 14

location; at backyard home in South korea

media; graphite pencils , a white A4 printer paper

tranceparency; worst, 0.5-1/10

seeing ; perfect, 10/10

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  1. Hi K.S.Min,

    A very creative sketch. The idea of a lunar horizon is actually something I have thought of doing, but have never gone through with it. You have produced a fine conception.


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