Saturn - April 14, 2013

Saturn and Moons – April 14, 2013

Saturn - April 14, 2013
Saturn – April 14, 2013

SW BD 120ED a 300x (Baader Genuine Ortho 6mm y Barlow TeleVue x2) Filter Neodymium

14 April 2013 23:30 h. UTC (civil time 15 April 2013 02:30 h)

Height above the horizon 36 º Observation at sea level in Barcelona (Spain)

Media: pencil in white paper, Microsoft Paint


Horizontal image investment because used diagonal mirror.

The predominant color on the planet is a very pale yellow (at other times showed an intense golden) contrasting with some greyish belts with ill-defined irregularities. It clearly shows the shadow of the planet on the rings.

The Cassini Division shows a high contrast and a black is intense and well defined.

I could clearly see the satellites Titan, Rhea, Dione. Tethys only very weakly.

Enceladus, I’d be on the limit of this equip, but It was not possible to distinguish. Mimas is beyond the scope of this opening.

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