Rupes Recta

Rupes Recta at Sunrise

Rupes Recta
Rupes Recta

I set up to sketch Rupes Recta on the floor of Mare Nubium. From the eastern edge of Mare Nubium you can see the triplet craters, Thebit (57 km), A and L. Next moving westward is the Imbrian escarpment Rupes Recta , not a true wall in the usual sense but on one side standing more than 300 meters high at some locations and 114 km in length. The scarp face would be visible from the rim of young crater Birt’s (17 km) to the west of “straight wall” if you could get there. Touching the rim of Birt to the east is Birt A.

For this sketch I used: black Canson paper (8” x 10”), white and black pastel pencils, assorted erasers, and blending stumps

Telescope: 13.1” f/6 Dobsonian working at 222X (9mm ocular)
Date: 11-22-2012 01:00-02:45 UT Temperature: 12°C (54°F)
Hazy, slightly breezy
Seeing: Antoniadi III
Colongitude 10.1 °
Lunation 8.1 days
Illumination 64.9%
Alt. 45°

Frank McCabe

13 thoughts on “Rupes Recta at Sunrise”

  1. Ivan, Aleksander, and Dale,

    Thank you all for your very kind words. It was a dramatic scene to witness and attempt to capture.
    Light and shadow on our Moon can be mesmerising.

    Frank 🙂

  2. I can only agree with other comments here Frank, this really is a beautiful lunar sketch and the written detail you give just tops it off.
    Very well done! 🙂


  3. Great and excellent sketch Frank,you are always the Master!!
    Sempre bellissimi!

  4. Giorgio and Nightwid,

    You are both too kind and thank you for your comments.
    I look forward to seeing more of your sketches here.

    Frank 🙂

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