Clavius Crater

Crater Clavius

Clavius Crater
Clavius Crater

Hello friends artists,how are you? I sent you my last sketch of Moon
after some days of fog and humidity,the sky was opaque.
After this days ,finally,the sky was clear on zenit,some little light
fog on the horizon.I take my “old”refractor Kenko 80 1000 and with
surprise,i see the Moon very steady,incredible,the seeing perfect
and,thanks of this situation,i made the sketch of great crater
Clavius.Incredible the little particulars that i see….one thanks also
to my refractor,perfect for this observation.
I hope like you.

Sitre:Pergola,265 m. over level sea
Date: 24-25 October 2012 from 10,30 p.m. to 00,08 p.m.
Lunar phase: crescent(9,7 days)
Instrument:Refractor Kenko 80/1000
Eyepiece and magnification: 12,4mm erfle and barlow 2x(161x)
Temperature: No cold, humidity.

Full Sketch Sheet of Clavius Crater
Full Sketch Sheet of Clavius Crater

5 thoughts on “Crater Clavius”

  1. Giorgio

    Schizzo Molto bella!

    This happens to be one of my favorite lunar features and you did a magnificent job capturing its beauty.

  2. Giorgio,

    That is truly a masterpiece. Always a great pleasure to see your work.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Thank you at all for kind words.Grazie a tutti artisti!!
    I hope to made others sketches in future…..
    Ciao! Giorgio

  4. Grazie Frank! Tu sei il maestro!you are the Master!!
    you have the naster touch!!

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