Messier 42 and 43

Close up with the Orion Nebula

Messier 42 and 43
Messier 42 and 43

My name is Maksymilian Novak-Zemplinski and I’d like to show what I can see through my new baby Newtonian reflector Pablitus 22″.
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Oject name: M42 The Orion Nebula
Object type: nebula
Location: Tulowice , Poland
Date: 14 October 2012
Media: Acrylic/oil on panel
Equipment: Newtonian reflector dob PABLITUS 22″ f-3,75, Tele Vue Ethos 10mm eyepiece, Astronomik UHC filter
Seeing: 8/10

7 thoughts on “Close up with the Orion Nebula”

  1. Holy moly – now that´s an incredible view and a beautiful sketch! I really like how you payed attention to even the smallest detail. It´s very interesting for me, since I´ve sketched the same close up last year with my 4″ refractor. Now I can confirm some details I´ve seen.
    The touch of blue and yellow was visible?
    What about the E- and F-component of the trapezium?

    Kind regards

  2. Maksymilian,
    The most beautiful feature of M 42!
    Extremely artistic and detailed!
    Good luck

  3. Beautifull, congratulations.

    @ Michael Kassl
    I could see the E and F stars of trapezium with my 7.1″ f6 newtonian reflector (180mm-1080mm).

  4. @Rodrigo P.C.: Yes, I´ve also seen the E-component with my 4″ refractor. I think that you need quite good seeing for the small stars in the trapezium.

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