Peekaboo Moon

Lunar Eclipse Montage

Lunar Eclipse Montage February 21, 2008
By Carlos E. Hernandez

Lunar Eclipse Montage

I was fortunate to have viewed the lunar eclipse on February 21, 2008. I was scared that my weather would not allow me to observe this incredible phenomena of nature. It had been raining all day in South Florida and we were experiencing much cloud cover. I had all my fingers crossed for the event. Using my 11 x 56 Oberwerk binoculars, shortly after I arrived home from work I was treated to the northwest sector of the Moon with a “bite” in it (01:50 U.T.). The shadow of the Earth slowly crept upon the lunar orb and it was over half the Moon by 02:15 U.T. By 02:40 U.T. the shadow had developed a reddish-orange tinge to it and extended nearly three-quarters of the lunar globe. The Moon took on a reddish-orange glow by mid-eclipse at 03:00 U.T. I was clouded out shortly afterwards. I hope that others on the forum were able to view this beautiful event as well.

A set of digital renderings made using Photoshop CS3 (from left to right in U.T.; 01:15, 01:50, 02:40, and 03:00)


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