Eclipse of Luna


I send you “eclipse of Luna”.
This eclipse was one of the finest in many years seen from Norway.
I made many sketches of this eclipse.
On photos the moon turns red, but visually you can better see
different colours!
The star 53 Geminorum occulted later during the eclipse!
I used colour pencils on white paper for the moon, and this on
black background.

The obsevation was made outside Trondheim ciy, Norway.

Thank You! From Per-Jonny Bremseth.

A Bite of the Pie

Lunar eclipse

Total lunar eclipse, February 21, 2008
By Richard H.Handy

Sketch of Lunar Eclipse 022108
Last night’s lunar eclipse was not looking good for us southern California observers, as a trough of low pressure had ushered in a cold, wet Pacific storm, drenching the region in light showers. Knowing there would be no opportunity to set up any of my scopes for a sketch, I decided to try catching a naked eye view if there were any breaks in the clouds. Every 10 minutes or so, I stepped outside on the patio to see if Luna had made her appearance. I was beginning to lose hope when about 9:00 PST, a large cumulus cloud passed overhead leaving the Moon shining brilliantly less a slightly hazy black bite prominent in it’s northern hemisphere. I was very pleased because the opening in between the next set of clouds allowed about 7 or 8 minutes of sketching before closing the curtain on the show for the night. Although I missed the chromatic part of the eclipse, I felt happy to have come away with a memory, albeit just a sketch of a small part in this awesome drama of Sun, Earth, and Moon.

Sketch Details:

Subject: Naked eye view of the lunar eclipse on February 21, 2008

Time: 8:59 PST to 9:07 PST
Seeing: Antoniadi IV
Weather: Cloudy with intermittent light showers
Phase: 359.2 deg
Colongitude: 86 deg
Lunation: 14.05 Days
Notes: A perfect bite, a bit hazy about the edge
Medium: White Conte’ Crayon on black Strathmore Artagain paper
Sketch size: 9″ X 12″

Peekaboo Moon

Lunar Eclipse Montage

Lunar Eclipse Montage February 21, 2008
By Carlos E. Hernandez

Lunar Eclipse Montage

I was fortunate to have viewed the lunar eclipse on February 21, 2008. I was scared that my weather would not allow me to observe this incredible phenomena of nature. It had been raining all day in South Florida and we were experiencing much cloud cover. I had all my fingers crossed for the event. Using my 11 x 56 Oberwerk binoculars, shortly after I arrived home from work I was treated to the northwest sector of the Moon with a “bite” in it (01:50 U.T.). The shadow of the Earth slowly crept upon the lunar orb and it was over half the Moon by 02:15 U.T. By 02:40 U.T. the shadow had developed a reddish-orange tinge to it and extended nearly three-quarters of the lunar globe. The Moon took on a reddish-orange glow by mid-eclipse at 03:00 U.T. I was clouded out shortly afterwards. I hope that others on the forum were able to view this beautiful event as well.

A set of digital renderings made using Photoshop CS3 (from left to right in U.T.; 01:15, 01:50, 02:40, and 03:00)


Luna Dons a Red Dress

Winter 2008 Total Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2008: a Sketch

By Frank McCabe

Lunar Eclipse 2008: a Sketch

  I was favored tonight in two ways, clear skies and good location for the 2008 total
lunar eclipse. Beginning about 1:00 universal time prior to the beginning of the
umbral portion of the eclipse, I went outside to where I had set up to sketch the
total lunar eclipse. Using a HB graphite pencil on white sketching paper to which I had
earlier added a 15 cm diameter circle using an Alvin protractor, I sat down at the
eyepiece and drew in outline form a sketch of the maria and highland features of
the Moon. I finished in time to see all of the earth’s shadow passage to totality.

 During totality I began sketching from the darkest side to the lightest. I decided
to use oil pastel crayons (Cray-Pas) which I have used a few times in the distant
past. Oil pastels are messy so when I returned indoors I needed to clean up some
stray marks. I prefer not to draw in color due to my limited experience. I
practiced with both oil pastels and drawing pencils about a week ago and since the
pastel experience went better in practice, that’s what I decided to use. I enjoyed
making this  sketch, but I did feel a little rushed.
  For this sketch I used: white sketching paper 8”x 10”, and a 2HB graphite pencil,
assorted colors of oil pastel crayons (Cray-Pas). I also used a piece of black
construction paper with a 15 cm hole cut from the center to create a dark sky
  Telescope: 4.25 inch f/ 5.0 Dobsonian and 26mm eyepiece –  21x
  Date: 2-21-2008   3:01-3:50 UT
  Temperature: -12°C (10°F)
  Seeing:  Pickering 5
  Co longitude   85.2°
  Lunation:  14 days
  Illumination:  100% through the earth’s atmosphere
  Frank McCabe

Lunar eclipse duet

lunar eclipse 

I had wonderfully clear weather the morning of August 28th, 2007 and was able to create a sequence of sketches of the total lunar eclipse for the ingress side of the event. Unfortunately the Eucalyptus grove in the west blocked my attempt to sketch the egress. Erika Rix graciously offered to animate this sequence for me, thank you so much Erika, you did such a wonderful job!  I hope you all had a chance to witness this one, it was an awesome and colorful event.

Telescope:12″ SCT f/10
Eyepiece: 35mm Televue Panaoptic
Magnification: 87X
Medium: white Conte’ Crayon and colored pastels on black 400 series Artagain paper 

Richard Handy – Sketches
Erika Rix- Animation

Eighteen years ago

lunar eclipse

A Total Lunar Eclipse of the Past: August 16, 1989
  On this evening as the moon rose it was both cloudy and foggy over Lake Michigan
to the east. It looked as if the weather was going to spoil the show. As
Capricornus carried the moon higher in the sky to the south, conditions improved
and eventually the entire sky cleared as totality began. During the second half of
totality the moon nearly disappeared from view. This was a dark lunar eclipse.
Just after 10 pm local time I made this color pencil sketch on black construction
paper to approximate the 50mm binocular view.
  Frank McCabe

Darkness over Swansea

Darkness over Swansea 

The lunar eclipse of March 2007 fell over midnight of the 3rd and 4th,
the Moon being in Leo, and in the mouth of the Lion was the planet Saturn. The
sketch is based around 00.30 hours UT, sketched at the top of 600 foot high Kilvey
Hill. The path leading to the summit has a cluster of communication masts on one
side and a Bronze Age burial chamber, now only just visible above the surface, on
the other side. Standing there between the two, looking at the eclipse with the
City of Swansea spread out below, all was very quiet and for once it was a very
clear sky. It felt like a scene out of the fifties TV sci-fi series ‘Quatermass’.
J.E. Thomas

Category: Moon – Total Eclipse
Title:  ‘Darkness Over Swansea’
Media: Conte Pastel Pencil on Black Camford Paper
Size: 142 kb