Last in My Lifetime Pairing

Venus Transit
Venus Transit

Object Name – Sun and Venus
Object Type – Solar System
Location – Green Bay, WI
Date – 6/5/2012
Media – graphite pencil, white paper.

I would like to submit this sketch of the transit of Venus. The sketch was made with my 10” Discovery Dobsonion telescope at about 80 x using a Mylar solar filter. I first sketched the Sun and sunspots before the transit began and then added Venus at various intervals as the transit progressed. The numbers along the side are the times the silhouette of Venus was added, in UTC. I was only able to see about half of the transit from Green Bay. The astronomy club I belong to, the Neville Public Museum Astronomical Society, hosted a public observing event. We had a very large turnout and the weather was great. It was a very enjoyable day and I was happy to capture it in this sketch.

Thank you,

Brian Chopp

2 thoughts on “Last in My Lifetime Pairing”

  1. Nice sketch Brian,

    I did a sequence as well but my entries were not in a nice straight line as this is. Observation error. Yours looks “spot” on! Great work

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