Landscape on the Lunar Horizon

Lunar Horizon
Lunar Horizon

This landscape place of the moon limb is about 70-80 km spanned zone and located near the north pole of the moon. I observed/sketched this view for 3 hours at X 690 POWER with a 8 inch refractor on a clear night on NOV. 13, 2011 at backyard my house in South KOREA. (Moon age = 18 day)

I guess this sketched place is maybe Carpenter or Anaximander Crater.

I’m glad to join with you.

5 thoughts on “Landscape on the Lunar Horizon”

  1. Great sketch of the moon, congratulations. 8 inches refractor? Nice scope. Keep sharing more like this one.

  2. K.S.,

    Very fine capture at the Moon’s limb. A tough target and one that does take much time.
    Especially fine in color.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Incredible sketch ! You must have a very great sky to be at 690X like this. It seems we are on the moon when we look at your sketch. It is seriously one of my favorite over zoomed sketch of the moon for the moment.

    Congratulation for this very hard (and long) work !


    Michael Caouette

  4. Thanks all your comments.
    This sketch is exactly the same view of the real lanscape I’d seen and which everybody can see in the eyepiece at 500 – 700 magnification.
    But, maybe you need a more bigger telescope like as 12″ refractor to see the scene., because my eye,s interpretation ability of view-sight is maybe more superve as I,m having been my eyesight trained for several decade by my another hobby drawing,painting.
    For observing lunar horizon, I attest, transparecy is more important than seeing. Now, only for one year, I have completed sixty sketch on Lunar horizon.

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