Tenuous Apparition

NGC 896

NGC 896
By Rony De Laet

Hello sketchers,

Last week, my family and I were on vacation in Bischofshofen, Austria. I managed to bring my little Skywatcher along. The weather was great. Three nights were clear! With multiple layers of clothing, I withstood the freezing cold for about 90 minutes each evening. Here is an observation of a portion of the large nebulosity cataloged as IC 1848 and IC 1805 : NGC 896. Sue French described this object as small and bright. I found NGC 896 rather faint in my scope. An UHC filter plus wiggling the scope helped to bring out some detail. Here is the sketch.

Date : December 29, 2007
Time : around 17.30UT
Scope : Skywatcher 102/500
Vixen LV Zoom at 14mm
Power : x36
FOV: 85′
Filter : Lumicon UHC
Seeing : 3/5
Nelm : 5.7
Temp : -6°C
Elevation : 800m ASL

Sketch Orientation : N up, W right.
Digital sketch made with PhotoPaint, based on a raw pencil sketch.

One thought on “Tenuous Apparition”

  1. Rony,

    You really have captured the bright emission region on the edge of the heart nebula. Well done.


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