Three’s Company

Triple Star

12 Lyncis – Triple Star
By Wade V. Corbei

This is an interesting triple star in the constellation Lynx, and required a good bit of magnification to resolve into 3 seperate stars. In the 27mm, it just looked like an elongated star, and in the 15mm, I could just discern that there was more than one star. When I barlowed the 15mm, I could easily see that this was a multiple star system, but I could not split the two eastern stars.

I plopped in my 6mm and barlowed that and there it was…a nice split of all 3 stars in the same FOV. Wonderful!

I don’t really know what the primary star would be with this trio as all 3 appear to be of the same (or close to the same) magnitude. It does appear as if the two stars on the eastern end are brighter and appear as white with just a hint of a blueish tint. The third star that is well seperated and to the west appeared as having an orange or burnt-brown coloration.

A nice triple star system that can be a challenge, but once found makes for an interesting and neat sight in the ol’ EP.

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  1. Wade,
    Wonderful sketch. You do great work on the double and multiple star sketches.
    This is a nice high power target triplet in a frequently overlooked constellation.


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