Atlas and Hercules Craters

Atlas and Hercules

Atlas and Hercules Craters
Atlas and Hercules Craters

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Date: 5th July 2011
Media: Pastel pencils on white paper
Equipment used: 130/650 SW, 130x

Observation details: These two craters are both very interesting, especially Atlas. There are three lighter spots within the crater, and two darker parts, one between the three lighter spots and one bigger around the south-western part. Hercules must be deeper, as the dark area is quite big there and also the lighted part is wide enough to emphesize it’s size. There is a hill or similar between the two craters which must not be too high according to the craters, but high enough to be visible with 130x zoom. Above Atlas there are the remains of an older crater which is ruined and washed, but still visible quite well. There are also whiter-lighter spots next to Atlas, one is almost as long as the crater itself. This might be a different material, as there are no visible signs of other crater or object.

dr. Hannák Judit

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