The Moon at Work

Object Name: Moon
Object Type: moon
Location: São Bernardo do Campo, SP – Brazil
Date: 2011, april 17th
Media: crayons on white paper

Past friday I was leaving work, in a huge petrochemical industry located in Santo André, when I noticed a shy Moon beside the flare. I kept observing it a couple of minutes, and today, two days after, I decided to sketch it. This is a sample from what I’ve seen that afternoon, about 5h20min. pm local time. (GMT – 3h). Clear skies to everybody!

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4 thoughts on “The Moon at Work”

  1. Obrigado, star rider. Sim, representei artisticamente a Lua acompanhada de um “flare” de uma unidade de cracker de uma petroquímica. Trata-se de uma torre onde são queimados os gases residuais dos processos.

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