Southern Sky

Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur
Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur

Hi ASOD, in my country there are not a good average of cloudless nights, and that to say of my city, however the weather of January and February has left draw these sectors of south sky with my binoculars 10×50.

Hola ASOD, en mi país no hay un buen promedio de noches despejadas y que decir de mi ciudad, sin embargo el clima de principio de año me ha dejado dibujar estos 4 sectores del cielo sur con mis binoculares 10×50.

1. Crux: 23 feb 2015, 06:7 UT.
2. Lambda centauri: 14 jan 2015, 07:58 UT.
3. Eta carinae: 12 jan 2015, 07:46 UT.
4. Pléyades del sur: 07 jan 2015, 07;32 UT.

Location: Medellín, Colombia.
Media: Graphite Pencil- 2H, HB, 2B, PS invert.
Optical instrument: Celestron Binoculars 10×50.

this are me first contribution, I hope you will enjoy it.

Luna Through Cloud

The six day old crescent Moon through the clouds - April 16, 2013
The six day old crescent Moon through the clouds – April 16, 2013

Not really an astronomical observation more a romantic interlude.

Best to all, Dale

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Rabbit on the Moon

The Rabbit on the Moon, a naked eye sketch showing a commonly recognized pattern - November 5, 2014
The Rabbit on the Moon, a naked eye sketch showing a commonly recognized pattern – November 5, 2014

Rabbit On The Moon
Lunar Observing Pattern
Pilanesberg Game Reserve South Africa
5th November
Jet Black Canford Paper with White Pastel Pencil. Used a smartphone to take a picture and crop.
Sketched on holiday in South Africa – The ‘Rabbit on the Moon’ pattern really jumps out at you from Southern Skies and creates a whole new observing experience if you are used to the Northern hemisphere.

Southern Skies Over Bogotá

The southern skies over Bogotá, Colombia on March 29, 2014
The southern skies over Bogotá, Colombia on March 29, 2014

Object name: Crux and Centaurus constellations

Object type: Constellation

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Date: March 29, 2014 1+30 hours

Media: Digital sketch with adobe photoshop CS2, based on a graphite pencil sketch

Equipment: Naked eye view

Seeing conditions: moonless, transparency 2/3, Bortle 8.

Hello all,

I live in a city with around 9 million of people, just located at 4 degrees north from the ecuador. The light pollution is very intense but I feel also blessed that I can see both hemispheres at the same time from my location. I tried to reproduce the bright of my sky in a clear night in Bogotá and the stars that can be seen in it. I feel I´m improving on Photoshop but there is a long way of trying and learning.

Thanks to all for watching!

Clear Skies.

Full Moon of Korean Thanksgivi​ng Day

Full Moon on Korean Thanksgiving-September 19, 2013
Full Moon on Korean Thanksgiving-September 19, 2013

Last Sep 19th is Korean Thanksgiving Day.

It is the most important holiday of Korea, the date is always Aug 15th in the lunar calendar.

I saw the bright full moon at holiday night.

And jujube tree fruits twinkle under moonshine.

So I drew a picture using my smart phone.

Media : Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (S Note App)

Location : S. Korea

Date : Sep 19th, 2013

Mars, Jupiter and a Crescent Moon for Breakfast

Mars, Jupiter and Crescent Moon - October 29, 2013
Mars, Jupiter and Crescent Moon – October 29, 2013

Object Name : night sky
Object Type : Planets, stars and moon
Location : Montréal, Canada
Date: October 29th 2013
Media: pastel, white and pink gel pens on black paper

Unable to sleep I decided to get up early on October 29th. It was 5:00 in the morning and the air was crisp but the sight was absolutely gorgeous. I decided to get my pastels and try my best to represent the ambiance and colors of the scenery. Mars was at the left side of a crescent moon and Jupiter hanging high at the right hand side with Castor and Pollux (Gem)

Jean Barbeau

Perseid Heading through Andromeda

Perseid - August 13, 2013
Perseid – August 13, 2013

Object Name: Meteor
Object Type: Perseid
Location: Sketched at a dark sky sight in Bristol, UK
Date: 13th August 2013; 00:40am; conditions – very good
Media (graphite pencil sketch and then digitized using graphics tablet and Photoshop)

I usually sketch in some detail (mainly HB and 2B). I then scanned the result into Photoshop and sharpened the sketch.

Observing Details

Had intended to spend an evening under dark skies watching the Perseids. Started out at 11:30pm but after numerous bright meteors over the next hour or so I decided it might be worth trying to accurately sketch one. This meteor came out of Cassiopeia and headed towards Andromeda Galaxy and broke in two as it trailed away. Frustratingly while I was sketching the background stars (and looking down) my pad was illuminated by a flash and on glancing up I realised I had missed a monster heading towards Pegasus – I could see the smoking trail for a good 2 secs. Suffering for my art? Perhaps!!

Hope you enjoy,

Clear Skies

Chris Lee

Star Party under the Perseids

Perseid Star Party - August 11, 2013
Perseid Star Party – August 11, 2013

Object Name (Just a Perseid)
Object Type (Falling star and star party)
Location (Sainte Anastasie sur Issole – Provence)
Date (august 11th 2013)
Media (watercolour on 300gr paper – dim : 25cm/65cm)

The national star night, august 10th 2013 with AFA (Astronomical French Association)
At night, a lot of curious, tourist or passionate are join us under thousands of stars, fixed or falling.
A storyteller playing Celtic harp tells children “how they tried to assassinate Jupiter.” Another storyteller playing bagpipe tells the strange story of the constellations, the gods who watch us from the sky. A dozen of telescopes were in place, including a real antiquity made before the first edition of the Messier catalogue… Workshop were organised around magnitudes and star colours. Children dancing as orbited around our big model of Jupiter and its four main moons…
All this achieved thanks to the Sainte Anastasie’s municipality, turned off the lights around our observation field.
For all of us, this night was,… an astronomical success!

Michel Deconinck

Smartphone Sketch at 2012 Australia Expedition

2012 Australia Expedition
2012 Australia Expedition

Last week’s way to work, I drew one picture about the australia expedition in 2012.

I used digital painting application in smartphone.

(Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S Note)

Eight celestial objects are in this drawing. 🙂

The surface of smartphone is very slippery.

So It is very hard to draw exquisitely.

If you want to exactly understand this picture,

please refer to below video clip.

( or

– Location : Leyburn, QLD, Australia

– Date : November, 2012

– Media : Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S Note

S Pen

Trigger finger

Nightwid 無雲

Cygnus through an Airplane Window


Object Name : Cygnus through an airplane window.
Object Type : constellation
Location : In the airplane, 10Km height above Guinea
Date : 8 June 2013 23:45
Media : Sketced S Note by Galaxy Note 10.1

For business, I visited Africa. I moved from South Africa to Senegal by an airplane.
I just looked outside the window, I saw Cygnus, Lyra, NGC7000 and etc.
First, I sketched this image using pencils and memo paper. Then I re-sketecd the image using my tablet pc.
I cannot forget the fantasic image forever through the window at that night.

Mars and Mercury

Conjunction of Mars and Mercury
Conjunction of Mars and Mercury

Here join my last watercolour

Object Name (Mars and Mercury)
Object Type (Planet conjunction)
Location (Sainte-Anastasie-sur-Issole, Provence, France)
Date (08-02-2013)
Media (watercolour)

This February 8th between 17h and 18h (UT) I wanted to watch an unusual planets conjunction and set, Mars and Mercury separated by only 15 ‘. This could be seen through the long and wide belt of Venus. I found a peak of 360° free to obstacles – 500 meter altitude. North we see clearly two winter sports resorts and South the Porquerolles Island and its lighthouse – 2 x 10 sec, so… the “M” morse letter, to celebrate our two planets M.. ?
It was cold with a strong wind, I still observed one hour. Some pictures with my little camera and two quick sketches, a complete landscape and an eyepiece vision, in order to be ready to make a watercolour, the day after.
Mercury was bright, clearly visible with a white light. Mars was 8 times less light but very red. No details with my reflector 100/500, plus an eyepiece K12mm. We can just imagine the disc-shaped appearance of the two planets. Mercury was gibbous almost full and very close the tiny and still red planet.

Clear sky to you all !

Michel Deconinck

A Conjunction with Some History

Conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran
Conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran

At the last day of October I sketched a beautiful conjunction between the Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran. The building in the foreground was my holiday-resort (illuminated by a streetlight), a renovated farm from 1669. By chance: in the first months of 1669 Jupiter was also next to Aldebaran in the sky. So the first inhabitants could have witnessed a similar conjunction. To add some more history: the location was less than 10 km from Middelburg, the town where the telescope was invented!

Clear skies

Jef De Wit

Location: Biggekerke, Netherlands (51°29’ N 3°31’ E)
Date and time: 31 October 2012 around 19.30 UT
Equipment: naked eye
Medium: pastel pencils and soft pastels on black paper (A4), Jupiter and Aldebaran were brightened with Paint

Eclipse in Tokyo

Annular Eclipse
Annular Eclipse

I went to Japan to observe a solar annular eclipse. (My hometown is Korea.)
This picture is the moment of annular eclipse, the gold ring and the surrounding landscape.

Location : Asakusa, Tokyo (The other side of the river, The world’s second tallest building ‘SkyTree’ tower is visible.)
Date : May 21, 2012
Equipment : Naked eye, Baader Solar Filter, 9*63 Finder (
Media : White paper, Pastel, Colored pencil

Philipsdam Conjunction

Philipsdam Conjunction
Philipsdam Conjunction

Dear ASOD,

Here is my ASOD contribution for ASOD. My drawing subjects should have been the 11 August Perseïdes meteor shower but…They Perseïdes were a bit disappointing on this special night. But there was something else the beautiful conjunction between-on my drawing from left to right- Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Aldebaran. This drawing/impression was made from the Philipsdam in the Netherlands in the night of 11 of August.
I hope you like it.

Regards, Hans Braakmann.

Spectacular Perseids

2012 Perseids
2012 Perseids

Object Name: Perseids
Object Type: Annular meteor shower
Location: Lochem, The Netherlands
Date: August 12, 2012
Media: Black and white pastel (pencil) on navy blue paper

The peak of the Perseid meteor shower occurs at noon from my longitude, so the best period to observe the meteors would this morning before dawn. I took a comfortable chair and my sketching materials to my favorite observing site to sketch as much meteors as possible. At the eve of my obseving session I already prepared the layout for the sketch: a starry sky (with the brightest stars as visible around the observing time) and a bit of a horizon. At the site I drew the meteors and the fainter stars at the right position.

Despite it was still hours before the real maximum, it was a spectacle! A lot of bright meteors, some with smoke trails. Sadly I missed some of the brightest because I was busy sketching a fainter one…

Clear skies!

Roel Weijenberg

2012 Perseids

2012 Perseids
2012 Perseids

Object Name (Perseids)
Object Type (Shower)
Location (Néoules Provence France)
Date (6 – 12 august 2012)
Media (graphite pencil, white paper, inverted with

Here join a sketch I made during the Perseid activity, from august 6th ‘till the morning of august 12th. In fact it’s a sketch compilation of all traces I observed.

From the meteors collected (6.5h observation time), I made a small animation video :

Clear sky to you all !

Michel Deconinck

Site Web:

Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon

Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction
Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction

Hi, here attached my last souvenir

Object Name (Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Hyades)
Object Type (occultation)
Location (Néoules Var France)
Date (2012 July 15th)
Media (graphite pencil for the moon, and watercolor for the dolmen sketch)

So early! I observed with a friend of mine from 3h to 5h AM local time.

Close to Néoules, we have a good place with a good sky to observe the rising of Sun, Moon and planets.

The telescope I use to sketch is a Bresser 1000/102.

The two first sketches were made in this place; the watercolour was made just after the occultation, 5 km further. How many occultation this megalithic dolmen has seen?

On the watercolor, we can see the planet Venus and perceive the Hyades open cluster with Aldebaran

That was very early but,… what a wonderful spectacle !
Kind regards

Michel Deconinck

Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation

Moon and Venus – May 22, 2012

Moon and Venus - May 22, 2012
Moon and Venus - May 22, 2012

I was in Mesa, Arizona for a few days and on the evening of Tuesday May 22, 2012, at 8:45 pm (local time) I was treated to a fine view of the Moon and Venus before they set in the West Northwest.

A sliver of the Moon was illuminated by the sun and the remainder lit by the gibbous earth (earthshine), a real treat for a mid-westerner like myself. I had some sketching materials with me so I made this sketch of the view on this warm evening 37°C (98°F).


Blue sketching paper, blending stumps, Crayola pencils (assorted colors), oil pastel crayons (assorted colors), Conte’ crayon pencils black and white, white and pink Pearl erasers

Venus was at waning crescent phase on 2 weeks from its solar transit.

Moon phase: 2.2 days old waxing crescent

Illumination 4%

Frank McCabe

Eclipse and Sky Tree

Annular Eclipse - May 21, 2012
Annular Eclipse - May 21, 2012

Two weeks ago, I went to Japan to observe a solar annular eclipse. (My hometown is Korea.)

This picture shows the moment of eclipse before and after.

Location : Asakusa, Tokyo
(The other side of the river, The world’s second tallest building ‘SkyTree’ tower is visible.)

Date : May 21, 2012

Equipment : Naked eye, Baader Solar Filter, 9*63 Finder (

Media : Black paper, Colored pencil

Comet West, East of the Milky Way

Comet West
Comet West

Hey Artists!

I would like to send you a restaurated sketch of comet West, one of the brightest comets
in the last 40 years. This is a naked-eye-sketch from my observation 8. Mar.- 76.
The nucleus of this comet broke apart in four, and at the end of this month I could
observe three components on line in the coma with my telescope!
The tail of comet West was also beautiful and bright with synchronic dusttail in
the beginning of this month. A very interesting object to observe in scope and 10 x 50 binos.
I used pen and pencil on white paper and inverted.
Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

A Conjunction Highlight in March

Conjunction of The Moon, Venus and Jupiter
Conjunction of The Moon, Venus and Jupiter

– Location: Lith, the Netherlands
– Date: 24-3-2012 / 7:30 P.M.
– Media: Photoshop CS5

The conjunction between Venus and Jupiter was one of the astronomical highlights of March.
At March 24, another competitor came on the horizon besides these two celestial objects: the Moon.

In the next couple of days, the Moon would climb towards Jupiter and Venus in a spectacular conjunction.
This Photoshop made sketch shows the early stage of the conjunction. At around 7:30 P.M., the Moon was in sight above the horizon. Bright planet Jupiter stood higher at the sky, and the even brighter planet Venus stood slightly above Jupiter.
The Pleiades (M45) were visible above Venus, but with some difficulty.

Thanks for watching!

Rutger Teule

Altair83 Observers at Flassans

Altaïr83 Club Observing
Altaïr83 Club Observing

Object Name (form Orion to Venus)
Object Type (End winter sky)
Location (Flassans-sur-Issole Provence France)
Date (3/16/2012 )
Media (graphite pencil, watercolour, white paper, software

During the March 16th night the Flassans-sur-Issole, a nice south France site was sketched with some observers of the Altaïr83 club. The site is mainly used for astrophotography I liked the red light effect of the atmosphere, brilliant eyes and red led. On my sketch we can see from left to right the Orion constellation, the Hyades, Pleiades and near the horizon, Venus close to Jupiter.

I made this sketch using graphite pencil, then I put the red colour effect in my workshop then I had to reverse the sky via

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

Moon Halo and Jupiter

Moon Halo and Jupiter

Object: Moon Halo & Jupiter – 22 degree Halo around the moon
Object type: Moon & reflected light phenomenon, Jupiter
Location: Maui Hawaii
Date December 3,2011
Media: Charcoal pencil & sketch paper, Photoscape used to invert white to black

I walked outside tonight & beheld this lovely phenomenon I have observed many times here in Hawaii. I had always assumed it was a “Moonbow” but on further research realize it is a 22 degree Halo around the moon. Rough measurements were made using my fingers & fist for the degree of bow around the moon as well as distance of Jupiter from the halo to the North East. The inner halo is very distinct as a white rim that fades outward, and the inner area is darker than the outer. The ring around the moon is caused by the refraction of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The shape of six sided hexagonal ice crystals results in the focusing of the light into a ring.

Smartphone Conjunction

Moon, Jupiter, Venus Conjunction
Moon, Jupiter, Venus Conjunction

Conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, sketched from a street in Antioch, California, U. S. A.

I’ve been observing these three over the last few days, watching as Jupiter and Venus grow closer in the skies, and always enjoying the waxing moon just after it’s new. Last night, I decided to sketch the view on my phone while I waited for my bus home. There was a slightly lit tree also in my view, so I went ahead and included it for interest. 🙂
The sky was fully dark, with some thin icy wisps of cloud. Seeing was decent, aside from street lights and traffic.

Boat Moon

Boat Moon
Boat Moon

Boat-Moon 2012-02-13 – 7:30 PM Local Time
Object Name (moon)
Object Type (boat-moon)
Location (Provencal France)
Date (2012-02-13 7:30 PM Local Time)
Media (graphite pencil and watercolour pencil)
Material (Newton telescope 114/500 25x for the moon and naked eyes for the landscape)

Yesterday I climbed with a light telescope on my back to reach the St-Sauveur Mountain, one of my preferred watching places for the moon. I made this unusual view of the « boat-moon ». This is unusual in the south of France, where this position of the moon is quite strange for us. The moon was less brilliant than Venus or Jupiter, not very easy to find out at the beginning of the night.

This sketch was made “naked eyes” for the landscape and with the use of my light telescope (Newton telescope 114/500 25x) for the very new moon (less than 2 days).

The day after in my workshop I coloured the moon using a light blue watercolour pencil and a brush, then I inverted the moon colour with my computer/scan. After this I just position the moon where she was the day before.

A small video explain the journey, just look at :

Clear sky for all of you !


Jupiter, Venus & Moon – all at once

Conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - February 25, 2012
Conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - February 25, 2012

I present to You quick, but interesting sketch. Today’s view of the three bright celestial objects.
Conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon.
Venus and Moon – close to each other.
Jupiter – bright object on the left at the top.

This sketch is based on observation with the naked eye. Made with pancil, then inverted and processed with GIMP2.
Aleksander Cieśla (wimmer)

Sporadic Meteor over the Castle of Forcalqueiret

Sporadic Meteor
Sporadic Meteor

January 23, 2012 at 7:37 p.m. local time, I saw this meteor fall. It seemed to fall on the castle of Forcalqueiret in Provence, already so ruined …
This meteor belongs to the sporadic family, no known shower exist at this time of the year. Slow, it has about 3 seconds to disintegrate by emitting a beautiful ocher yellow light.

My sketch was made ​​ naked eye in the cold of this early winter evening. We can see the sky from the Pleiades to the feet of Orion, passing through the Hyades in the constellation Taurus. I tried to take account of different colors like Betelgeuse and Rigel, respectively red and blue. The Great Nebula in Orion also shows a little pink shade than the surrounding stars.

I made this sketch on white paper with caracole pencils, using directly the correct reverse colour black for white, blue for the meteor, light blue for Betelgeuse and M42, and yellow for Rigel. The final work is to invert the scanned sketch.

Michel Deconinck

Web :

Comet Lovejoy

C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy)
C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy)


My name is Peter M Moriz. I live at Moonee Beach, Australia. I’ve just started to do sketching. This is my third sketch I’ve attempted. The other 2 were of small g/c’s…..

This sketch was done at Nana Glen west of my home town to get a little darker skies to see more of the comet’s tail. It was done naked eye and it goes from horizon to crux, say around 30 to 35 degrees. I put the milky way in the top of sketch to get some idea of how big the comet has become. The Coal Sack is there as well….it was done on the 28th of December 2011 and around 3.30am and had taken me around 45 minutes to do..I hope you enjoy the sketch–Alex, a fellow sketcher here in Australia, said I should submit it.

Media: black sketch paper A4 size with white pastel and white ink pen

Thanks for the time to read and view my sketch.

Peter (Mozzie) :my nickname

Venus and Two-Day Moon

Moon-Venus Conjunction
Moon-Venus Conjunction - November 27, 2011

Moon Venus conjunction 2011-11-27 – 5 PM Local Time

Object Name (Moon, Venus)
Object Type (conjunction)
Location (Rocbaron Provence France)
Date (2011-11-27 5PM Local Time)
Media (graphite pencil and watercolour)
Material (Newton telescope 114/500 25x for the moon and naked eyes)

I climbed during half an hour with a light telescope on my back to reach the St Sauveur Mountain close to Rocbaron. This is a fantastic position. I can see the Med from the Golden Islands Porqueroles and Port-Cros to the Toulon surroundings and the sunset.

After sketching the landscape with a graphite pencil, I place the Moon and Venus. Then through my telescope I sketched the new born moon.

The home work was to colour the sketch and adds Venus and the moon reduced to the correct size on my digital watercolour.

The full adventure is described on a small youtube animation:

Thanks to you all

Michel Deconinck
Téléphone : 00 33 (0)4 89 36 54 03
GSM/portable : 00 33 (0)6 99 42 42 47
email :
Web :

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo
Mars in Leo

Hello astro-artists

I send you a Mars and Regulus conjunction sketch made this morning, November 13th 2011 at 4h50 UT.

The technique used is watercolour for the foreground and inverted graphite pencil for the sky.

To merge my sketches I use the free software.

The chimneys are typical for my Provencal region. Observation made from Rocbaron in France.

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

Jupiter and the Moon in Conjunction with the big Tower

Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter
Conjunction of Moon and Jupiter

Object Type: Conjunction
Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: October 13th 2011
Media: Pastel
On October the 13th while returning home after a lecture given by the astrophysicist J.P. Luminet, I saw this beautiful conjunction between our moon, Jupiter and the Dome of the Tower of the University of Montreal where I work. Our moon looked as if it rested on a small cloud. I sat on a nearby bench and took my time to sketched the view in my notebook. I copied the sketched at home on black paper, adding colors with pastel.

Jean Barbeau,
Faculté de médecine dentaire
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville
Montréal, Qué
H1T 1K3

Moon visits the Scorpion

Moon and Scorpius
Moon and Scorpius

On holiday in France I witnessed a beautiful conjunction between the Moon and the constellation Scorpius. Sketching the background with a pastel pencil was the most difficult task to do. I think I will use a chalk pastel next time for a smoother result. There is also still some work on the stars (I almost never draw naked eye stars). On the other hand the glow around the Moon looks very nice. Hope you like my holiday souvenir.

Clear skies
Jef De Wit

Object Name: Moon and constellation Scorpius
Object Type: moon and asterism
Location: Louroux-Bourbonnais, France (46°33’ N 2°51’ E)
Date and time: 7 August 2011 around 20.15 UT
Equipment: naked eye
Medium: color pastel pencils on black paper, Antares and Moon were redraw digital, process with Paint

Stellar Explosion in The Whirlpool

Object : Supernova SN2011dh in Spiral Galaxy M51
Date : June 08, 2011
Time : 12:30-02:00 LST/ 07:30-09:00 UT
Location : Aguila, Arizona USA
Gear : Binoculars 25 x 100 and CPC1100 XLT with 25mm Plossl
Detector : Visual Sketch
Magnitude : 8.5 for M51 and 14.9 for SN2011dh(
Weather : Clear sky, no winds, low 70’s and quiet as a mouse!
Comments :
It’s interesting to ponder in awe, how a star that has turned into a supernova some 30 million light years distant is just NOW reaching our immediate universe, our light buckets our dilated pupils! This recently discovered supernova cataloged SN2011dh and found on May 31, 2011, might not last long. It’s believed to be diminishing in magnitude with a possible viewing window of some weeks or perhaps a couple of months. If you would like to get a glimpse of it, my suggestion is- don’t wait any longer!
With mounted binoculars it is quite easy to pick up M51 as it appears elongated and fuzzy. Some fidgetting of the eyeball around the circumference of the oculars and it’s companion NGC5195 emerges just as well. Both gravitationally interacting galaxies seem like puffs of smoke with their nucleus showing a hint of brightness.There are no noticeable spiral arms, no connecting bridge or other discernable features- not even the main attraction SN2011dh.
All this will change when I prepare the 11 inch SCT and aim it at the said subject with a 25mm Plossl. Yes, I had tried a 10mm and a 32mm but the 25mm gave me the best results. Peering down the eyepiece, Hazy blotches but distinct spiral structures are emanating from the soft glowing core of M51. Of the two major spiraling limbs, the one stretching all the way to NGC5195 or the one with the southeast orientation, will be the one sporting the newly discovered supernova. Four tiny specks of starlight ranging in magnitude from 13 -15 located on the southwest side of the Whirlpool and lined-up from East to West are clearly visible when using the cone receptors within the corners of your eyeballs. Averted vision here my friends, or you will miss the whole point. No pun intended! From recent photo submissions to various popular social websites, I made a mental note to see the whereabouts or location of SN2011dh. It’ll be nested on the spiral arm which embraces NGC5195 or the one facing the southeast coordinates.Much better seeing than explaining but after plotting their correct places among the broken segments of spiral arcs- one of the specks surely did fell where the photos had indicated it should be! I concluded my quest and my sketching for the night was done. Enjoy!

Dark and clear skies to all,

Juanchin 😀

The Moon at Work

Object Name: Moon
Object Type: moon
Location: São Bernardo do Campo, SP – Brazil
Date: 2011, april 17th
Media: crayons on white paper

Past friday I was leaving work, in a huge petrochemical industry located in Santo André, when I noticed a shy Moon beside the flare. I kept observing it a couple of minutes, and today, two days after, I decided to sketch it. This is a sample from what I’ve seen that afternoon, about 5h20min. pm local time. (GMT – 3h). Clear skies to everybody!

Best regards,