Ancient Petavius

Object Name: Crater Petavius
Object Type: Lunar crater
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Date: 1979-Sept-8; 4:00 – 4:20 UT
Media: graphite pencils on plain white paper; scanned to jpeg as original.
Equipment Used: 4.25 inch Newtonian; 192x; no filters.
Observing Conditions: fair with a slight haze, calm
Aspects of Interests: Petavius is the large central crater. Notice the distinct central peak and wall details that look like broad ‘steps’. Palitzsch is the ‘knob’ extending south from the east side and is very dark inside edged with bright walls. Wrottesley encroaches in the opposite wall of Petavius and itself seems to have steep walls noticeable on the western edge. A string of tiny craters trails away from Wrottesley. Names of the two similar sized craters running off to the south of Petavius couldn’t be found even though rather prominent. Illuminated walls are very bright. Many tiny craters in the area. Very interesting area.

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Jim Garasich

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