“All Hail, Caesar!”

Hello again,

I did this sketch last weekend. My intention had been to do two sketches of the terminator creeping across the Alpine Valley over two consecutive nights. This was supposed to have been the first of those sketches. I only had a vague memory of the location of the Alpine, so when I came across this incredible “gash” in the Lunar landscape, I thought ‘great, that was easy’! Didn’t I get a surprise the next evening!

What I was looking at was the mountain range next to the crater Julius Caesar. This range was being illuminated only on its eastern face, and the main body of it was still completely in the dark. I guess it wasn’t so hard to see how I confused the features. This silhouetted mountain range would otherwise have been overlooked by me as a feature to sketch. I’ll be chasing down a few more now, along the terminator.

Scope: Celestron C5, 5” SCT
Eyepiece: TMB Planetary Type II 6mm, 200X
Location: my backyard in Sydney
Media: Pencil, paint & ink on white paper

Many thanks for looking,

Alex M.

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