Suburban Moonrise

The 25th of October I was doing the dishes when the rising Moon took my attention. Quick I took my pastel pencils and put from my kitchen the scene on paper. It was a lot of fun blending the pastel with my fingers (one finger for black, one finger for yellow, one finger for blue, etc…). The symmetry between the two sources of light (the Moon and a lamp-post) was a beautiful sight.
When you live in suburban region you always see the celestial bodies rise later than in reality. The roofs of the houses around me replace the natural horizon. And what a pity human kind is replacing our natural lightning by artificial ones.
Hope you like it.

25/10/2010, 18.30-19.00 UT, 92.7%, 18 days
Clear skies
Jef De Wit

Object Name: Moon (18.0 lunar days, 92.7% illumination)
Object Type: moon
Location: Hove, Belgium (51°09’ N 4°28’ E)
Date and time: 25 October 2010 18.30-19.00 UT
Equipment: naked eye
Medium: pastel pencils on art paper

4 thoughts on “Suburban Moonrise”

  1. Jef,
    it’s a suggestive sigth!

    Remind me that all of us are always looking for what’s up in the sky, even when doing dishes 😉


  2. Jef,

    Clean dishes and a masterpiece, I would’ve never thought of such multitasking attempt! I like it a lot! 😀


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