Hartley Approachs

Temp: 15.4°C-12.2°C
Winds: calm
Humidity: 89%
Seeing: Pickering 8
Transparency: 3/6
Magnification: 138x

16” Zhumell, 13mm TV Ethos

Sketch Media:
Copy paper, template courtesy of Perez Media, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, #2 pencil, blending stump, ultra fine black permanent marker

Erika Rix
Link to full report: http:// Posted on Categories Comet, Graphite Pencil, Inverted, Marker, White Paper

3 thoughts on “Hartley Approachs”

  1. Erika,

    Up until Monday the 18/19, the comet still appears very much like your artistic interpretation. I’m still hoping for one more chance to view it but, it’s been wispy cloudy lately here in Arizona. Thanks for the post! 🙂


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