Pile of Diamonds

NGC 7089 (Messier 2)
Globular cluster
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 Dobsonian telescope
Field: 27′
Magnification: 218x
Sky Quality Meter reading: 21:44

Black Canford paper
White pen
White pencil
White pastel chalk
Paint brush

NGC 7089 is a very pretty globular cluster and I spent a considerable time at the eyepiece painstakingly detailing and plotting all the stars as accurately as possible.

In the 56cm dob the cluster was well resolved into stars, with even the central core showing a sprinkling of tiny points.

This object was a very enjoyable experience.

Scott Mellish.

3 thoughts on “Pile of Diamonds”

  1. Scott,

    This is a beautiful sketch. Your attention to detail has really paid off. As this globular comes within 3 degrees of the meridian I can sweep straight up in altitude to M 15 and mke quick comparisons between these two great globulars.

    Frank 🙂

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