Gallery Update

The Galleries have been updated and the missing thumbnails should now be in place. The monthly galleries will also show a full month on a single page. If you haven’t browsed the gallery before, why not take a look? We think it’s an enjoyable way to sample some of the excellent work that’s been submitted.

Jeremy Perez for ASOD

2 thoughts on “Gallery Update”

  1. Jeremy

    I have been browsing the galleries a bit lately, so this is good.
    Saves having to click on the little red cross to open up the image.

    I do notice though when one goes to open an older image it balloons out in size for some reason.

    I am not sure if it is my computer or some quirky internet thing.

    Not that it matters much to me, I just thought I would mention it.


  2. Hi Scott,

    There are quite a few images that are too wide for the layout now that it has a 2nd column. As I run across these, I’m trying to scale down their display size on the individual entry page (while still allowing them to be clicked to view full size). If you see anything else that seems glitchy, please let us know.


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