Lovely Limb


Crater Ingrahami
  You have got to admit, on a clear winter night from the northern hemisphere the
full moon has a way of revealing itself and moving high and bright to the
meridian. After looking at the full moon through a telescope eyepiece you can be
quite moonblind for a while. Don’t make any sudden movements until your night
vision returns. This night was my rendezvous with the crater Inghirami. Crater
Inghirami is a Nectarian period crater (3.85 billion years old) and measuring 92 diameter. This crater is southwest of Schickard and southeast of Vallis
Inghirami. The crater has an interesting floor with what looks like a low ridge
mountain range running across it. Inghirami crater is near the edge of the lunar
impact basin Mare Orientale. Below is my number 2 pencil and ink sketch on copy
paper of the region of Inghirami crater near both the terminator and limb.       
  Date: 1-3-2007 4:00 to 4:45 UT
  Temperature: -2.2 °C (28° F)
  Breezy, seeing was average
  Antoniadi : III
  13.1 inch f / 5.9 Dobsonian 6mm ortho ocular 327X
  Colongitude: 83°
  Lunation: 13.8 days
  Illumination: 100 %         
  Frank McCabe

3 thoughts on “Lovely Limb”

  1. Frank

    This is another McCabe Masterpiece! I honestly can’t remember the last time I looked at the full moon with a telescope (probably because of moon blindness), but it would seem I’ve been missing out. Thanks for sharing this beautiful observation!


  2. Dear Frank,

    I have enjoyed seeing this thank you for posting, it is an inspirational drawing.

    Warm regards, Dale

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