Messier 44

Messier 44
Messier 44
Sketch and Details by Vass Gábriel

Dear ASOD!

My first astronomical drawing.

Thank you!

Object Name: M44 – NGC 2632
Object Type: Open Cluster

Constellation: Cancer

Right Ascension: 08h 40m 22.2s
Declination: +19° 40′ 19″

Date: 2010. 01. 10.
Location: Újkígyós (Hungary)

Universal Time: 21h40m – 22h40m

Equipment: 4″ – 102/500 refractor ( f/5 )

Seeing: 8/10
Transparency: 3/5

Eyepiece: 25mm Barium

Magnification: 20x

FOV: 2°

Technique: pencil, graphite pencil, white paper, inverted

One thought on “Messier 44”

  1. Vass,

    Beautiful capture and it looks like you got it all.
    I find myself looking around the edge to see if I can spot Mars. 🙂


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