NGC 5286

NGC 5286

NGC 5286
NGC 5286
Sketch and Details by Scott Mellish

NGC 5286
Globular Cluster
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 Dobsonian telescope
Field: 27′
Magnification: 218x
Sky Quality Meter reading: 21:39

This rather quaint little globular cluster was mostly resolved in the
56cm dob at 218x mag.

The bright orange/yellow tinged star in the field is the spectroscopic
binary M Centauri, a G-type star which lies around 257 ly from Earth,

Both the star and the globular cluster together make for a most pleasing

Scott Mellish.

One thought on “NGC 5286”

  1. Scott,

    I get a real sense of depth looking at your super sketch. The bright G class star in the foreground and that fine globular in the distance. Bravo!

    Frank 🙂

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