Autumn Giant of South

NGC 253
NGC 253
Sketch and Details by Gábor Sánta

Object: NGC 253
Date/Time: 25 Sep 2009
Location: Szeged, Hungary
Intsr.: 8″ f/5 Newtonian
Mag.: 67x
FOV: 52′

This drawing was made by an 8″ f/5 Newtonian from a dark place next to
Szeged, Hungary. It was a very vlear early-autumn night, but cold wind
blown. After sketching some Messiers I targeted the huge and bright
giant NGC 253 in Sculptor. This is one of my favourite galaxies, so I
wanted to see it after a year-round missing. It was relatively low
above the horizon, but the sky vas really clear – and the galaxy was
very stunning. I picked up my drawing set and started to sketch.
Studied it with different magnifications and combined my impressions.
Lot of details was seemed: a bright nucleus, a short central bar,
parts of the spiral arms, and knots. I think it was one of my best

Clear skies
Gábor Sánta
Szeged, Hungary
Columnist of ‘Deep-Sky Objects’ head in journal of the Hungarian
Astronomical Association called ‘Meteor’

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