In Flight through the Milky Way to Andromeda

Milky Way
Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy
Sketch and Details by Patrick Van Beeck

The milky way and the stunning great galaxy of andromeda
38000 feet over north western Italy
Feb 7th, 2010

This sketch was made at an altitude of 38000 feet over the north western Italian coastline enroute to Paris in an Airbus 319 cruising at 455 kts groundspeed.
The views from the cockpit at night can be truly amazing, the reason being that 70% of the atmospheres mass is below us! Giving a crystal clear view of the sky almost right down to the horizon. What stuns me every winter, is the size of the blob of the andromeda galaxy almost as big as the moon!

This sketch was made digitally with photoshop

Enjoy this nightly cruise with me as the atmosphere rushes by…

Patrick Van Beeck

5 thoughts on “In Flight through the Milky Way to Andromeda”

  1. Simply stunning: captures the beauty of the night sky in a way that telescopic views seldom can. I just hope you kept your hands on the stick up there!

  2. Patrick, Is this something new of things to come under the sketching community. Can I say, “we have our first mile high club inductee of amateur astronomers!” Congratulations on this excellent wide view impression of our Milky Way, soon you’ll be adding up not only the frequent miles but maybe some followers along with their aerial sketches. Good job!!!


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