Posidonius and Chacornac Craters

Posidonius crater and Chacornac crater
Posidonius and Chacornac Craters
Sketch and details by Manuel Ángel Pacheco

* Posidonius crater y Chacornac crater
* Lunar crater
* Fuente de Piedra, Málaga (Spain)
* 27/06/2009 (23h40m, local time)
Material used:
Pencil and paper with post-processing with Photoshop CS2
Celestron Telescope S / C 150mm f10 Nextstar and Celestron Omni Eyepiece 9mm (166x)
Atmospheric conditions:
Transparency good
Seeing: II (I: very bad – V: very good)

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  1. Thank you for your commentaries. In this case the atmospheric conditions were bad enough and I could not put many details in the drawing.


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