Four days in the life of a sunspot

sunspot 0953 

Here is a small sequence of observations of sunspot 0953 made during 4 days. 0953
turned out to be one of the bigger sunspots of recent time.

Time : see sketches
Scope : ETX 105/1470
Vixen LV Zoom eyepiece at 8mm
Power : 183
Filter : Baader AstroSolar filter.
Seeing : 2/5

Sketch Orientation : N up, W right.
Digital sketch made with a digital tablet and PhotoPaint, based on a raw pencil sketch.
Rony De Laet, my personal website.

7 thoughts on “Four days in the life of a sunspot”

  1. The drawings are technically perfectly conducted and the life-cycle of a Sunspot is surely something really fascinating.
    Great idea!


  2. Wonderful sequence on the dynamics of this sunspot. Also very 3-dimensional.


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