Pair of Cherries

Double Cluster 

The object is “h x Perseii” the double cluster in Persei,  through the
telescope it seems to be a pair of cherries hanging on a little tail.

The telescope is a Meade 8″ and observing through a Swan ocular 36 mm
with a big field of vision. I made it with a pencil on a white paper but with some
problems, because the night was very bad, almost covered by clouds moving very
fast, that covered the image through the telescope. It was very hard to sketch in these
conditions, but I was enjoying it very much. This is the original hand made with and
later changed to negative with the computer.

The date: 14 October 2006 in Guadalajara, Spain.


2 thoughts on “Pair of Cherries”

  1. h & chi Persei are one of those objects that never wear off, no matter how often you look at them.
    I remember the first time, I got under really pristine dark skies, beyond 7 mag, I set my telescope for h & chi and I was completely knocked over. It’s a view that can enchant you all night long!
    Great observation!

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