Magnetic markers


Living in the UK one has to embrace every opportunity to get the pencils out and
enjoy a little astro sketching as breaks in the cloud cover can be frustratingly
For me this includes capturing Sun spots in white light when the sun shines and
I’m close to my observatory with a few quiet minutes to spare.
I caught the complex Sun Spot group 956 during the afternoon of Saturday 19th May
as it transited the meridian.
  Antares 105mm F15 Achromatic refractor
  Baader solar film white light filter
  Denk binoviewer with Celestron Axiom 23mm eyepieces
  Magnification of 163X
  Cartridge paper, HB Derwent pencil & blending stump.
  Image scanned and mirror flipped.
  Dale Holt, Hertfordshire, UK

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