A Rupes and a Rima

Rupes Recta

Rupes Recta and Rima Birt
Sketch and Details by Balázs Benei


This is my other sketch, I made it at the beginning of April. Rupes Recta was very easy to observe, it was totally in the field of vision. Rimae Birt was not so easy but I could see it firmly. The seeing was very good at times, I could observ the crater Birt D, which had only 3km (~2miles) diameter. I think this was the end of the definition of my telescope. I made the sketch with graphite pencil.

My equipment: 110/800 (4′) Newtonian reflector, 2x barlow, 10mm eyepiece, 160x magnification.

Yours sincerely
Balázs Benei

Object name: Rupes Recta, Rimae Birt

Object type: Lunar rille, Lunar rimae

Location: Gyöngyös, Hungary

Date: 2009. 04. 04. 17:35 – 18:55 UT

5 thoughts on “A Rupes and a Rima”

  1. Balazs,

    A simple, accurate sketch that captures the scene beautifully.

    Frank 🙂

  2. How long did it take you to sketch that magnificent landscape of the moon?

    It’s just dwo circle, and one line

    Sorry ….Sorry i have forgotten, there are horizontal and vertical axis too. 🙂

  3. Ok, you’re right. But it was just a try-out to send in this sketch. It was a surprise for me too. Yes, maybe it can be a joke 🙂

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