Big Moon Illusion

Big Moon

Moon Illusion
Sketch and Details Mark Seibold

Technical info:

After observing the moon rising in September 2008 from Downtown Portland between high buildings, I returned home to observe the surface features through my 10.1″ Newtonian reflector telescope. I rendered the details in pastel chalk on 19″ X 25″ Black Canson pastel paper for a two hour period. Then from memory, I returned inside to add the perspective of downtown buildings and pedestrian silhouettes on the sidewalk.

-Mark Seibold

5 thoughts on “Big Moon Illusion”

  1. Mark,

    Fine and funny sketch. The eyes and mind are cheated, when looking at Your sketch. Very good idea!


  2. To all. March 3rd 2020
    Thanks to all of you, for your kind words. I must also apologize, and at this same later time and date, to express my gratitude and great thanks to Frank McCabe, as I believe it was Frank that published my early sketches over 10 years ago here to the Astronomy sketch of the day, after they first appeared in the Cloudy Nights Astronomy Sketch Forums. I previously had experienced trouble to login through the controls user name and password protocols, but somehow this morning in early March 2020 I just figured it out. So I apologize for the delay.
    To bring things up to date, I’ve decided to return to sketching again after nearly a 10-year sabbatical. A recent Sky & Telescope magazine editor has requested to publish one of my largest lunar sketches that was a finalist winner in the competitions at the Cloudy Nights Sketch Forums in November 2009. The sketch was actually made earlier in July of that year but I always considered it as never completed. So now in January 2020 I decided to complete the sketch.
    The S&T magazine editor has announced that he will publish it in their upcoming May 2020 issue gallery. You can see it currently posted as he progressed through latter January 2020, cuz I posted its progression in my Facebook site and also in my Mark Seibold DP Review Gallery. I was also invited by the Sky & Telescope Magazine Editor to write a short article, for another upcoming S&T issue soon in 2020, describing how my astronomy sketching originated abd evolved from 10 years ago and now returning to it again today. That article may include several new Skechers and possibly a few of the older sketches that were awarded finalist wins in the Cloudy Nights Forums.

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