Eddington 1

Lunar crater Eddington
Sketch and Details by Abraham Tamas


my name is Abraham Tamas and I live in Hungary in a small village,
in Zsambek. So, I have a website and I like taking photos about
Moon, deepsky, etc.
The website: www.vadakcsillaga.hu. “Vadakcsillaga” is a hungarian
folk name of the Venus.
This is my first sketch and I copied it about one of my image,
which was taken on 11 November, 2008. I know that the “real” sketch
is made during observing and of course I would like to make more
sketches. My equipment: 8″ Newtonian reflector on eq-5 mount with
2″ WO Swan 33 mm, 1,25″ 15 mm Goldline, 1,25″ 4 mm Planetary
eyepieces and a 2″ TS ED Barlow.

Yours sincerely
Abraham Tamas

Photograph and sketch:

wEddington 2

Lunar crater Eddington, photo and sketch
Sketch and Details by Abraham Tamas