Young by the Moon’s Standards


Lunar Crater Harpalus
Sketch and Details by Szklenár Tamás

Object Name: Harpalus crater

Object Type: Lunar crater

Location: Hungary, Csabacsüd, 20° 39′ 07″ 46° 49′ 29″
Date: 2009.02.06., UT 21:00- UT 21:20
Telescope: 80mm/900 refractor, 6mm Planetary eyepiece, 150x magnification

Harpalus is an exciting object on the Moon, I made the sketch with graphite pen to white paper. The 20 minutes of the drawing was only the making of the base lines and colors – shadow intensity. The next day I finished it by my table, this was about an hour long drawing.

Szklenár Tamás

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