Blue Beauties


M45, The Pleiades or “Seven Sisters”
Sketch and Details by Przemysław Horoszkiewicz, text by Rich Handy

This beautiful arrangement of stars is the Open Cluster M45. The Pleiades or the “Seven Sisters” contain nebulae that reflect and scatter the blue light of the hot cluster stars. This gives the dust clouds the characteristic blue color. This superb sketch was submitted to ASOD by Polish amateur astronomer Przemysław Horoszkiewicz.

Sketch information:
Obiect name: Messier 45
Scope:Orion APO ED 80
Eyepieces: Super Plossl 25mm
Place: Poland, Zielona Góra (A few kilometers for city)
Seeing: 5/10
Date: 30.12.2008 r
Technique:Pencil,graphics GIMP2
Amateur astronomer: Przemysław Horoszkiewicz (Poland)

2 thoughts on “Blue Beauties”

  1. Przemek,

    Very accurate sketch. The Sisters are so beautifully in eyepiece and in Your sketch!


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