Goddess of the Dawn, and Dawn


I went to Sweden Kiruna and Norway Svalbard at March for aurora & total eclipse.

Aurora is very beautiful.. and dynamic.

I observed that overnight, and dawn is comming.

Dawn color of sky changed constantly, I drew the color gradation using my smartphone and touch pen.

Object name : Goddess of the dawn, and dawn

Object type : Aurora and Dawn sky

Location : Sweden Kiruna

Date : 15 March, 2015

Media : Samsung Galaxy Note4, Touch pen, Sketchbook App

(Below picture’s person is me, Making this digital drawing)

Sketching the Aurora
Sketching the Aurora

4 thoughts on “Goddess of the Dawn, and Dawn”

  1. Nightwid

    How beautiful to see it shown in the different phases of light. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Nightwid

    A very artistic and clever rendering of a beautiful Aurora. Impressive job!

    John E.

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