Goddess of the Dawn, and Dawn


I went to Sweden Kiruna and Norway Svalbard at March for aurora & total eclipse.

Aurora is very beautiful.. and dynamic.

I observed that overnight, and dawn is comming.

Dawn color of sky changed constantly, I drew the color gradation using my smartphone and touch pen.

Object name : Goddess of the dawn, and dawn

Object type : Aurora and Dawn sky

Location : Sweden Kiruna

Date : 15 March, 2015

Media : Samsung Galaxy Note4, Touch pen, Sketchbook App

(Below picture’s person is me, Making this digital drawing)

Sketching the Aurora
Sketching the Aurora

Ottawa Aurora

October 8, 2012 Aurora
October 8, 2012 Aurora

On Monday Oct 8, 2012, while on a security watch at my boat club on the Ottawa River not far from downtown Ottawa, I spotted a green glow just after sunset but it was quickly blocked out by a band of cloud. Fortunately the clouds cleared about 45 minutes later and I was treated to a lovely display of Northern Lights. I did this sketch in graphite then reversed it in Paint Shop Pro and added the colour.

Keep looking up and jotting down


Aurora Over Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Aurora over Pottsville

Auroral display over Pottsville, Pennslyvania
Sketch and Details by Janis Romer

It was an enormous auroral display that was seen as far south as Arizona. This is what I saw from my balcony. Rather than appearing like the graceful arcs of light you see in photos, the aurora appeared to me as flickering white “blocks” with rays. There were two huge red aurora “clouds” book ending it. I sketched it exactly as I saw it, without any effort to make it conform to common knowledge.

Sketch was made March 12, 1989 using Conte’ pastel pencil on black pastel paper at Pottsville, Pa. Original is 12″ x 24″