A Fine Cigar


M82, NGC 3034 “The Cigar Galaxy”
Sketch and Details by Przemysław Horoszkiewicz, text by Rich Handy

Polish amateur astronomer Przemysław Horoszkiewicz has wonderfully captured M82, the Cigar Galaxy. M82 is classified as an irregular galaxy. The beautiful spiral M81, has had several previous close approaches to M82. Gravitational instabilities caused by these encounters have triggered massive star formation. Consequently, strong winds from supernovae and stellar formation have sculpted huge plumes of energized hydrogen gas that extends deep into the space around M82. It is this gas that obscures the central portions of the galaxy as is shown so well in Przemysław’s sketch.

Sketch information:

Object name: M 82 (NGC 3034)
Object type: Galaxy
Location: Poland, Zielona Góra (a few kilometers from the city)
Date: 29.11.2008r
Scope: Newton 254/1200
Eyepieces: LVW 8 ( 150x)
Seeing: 7/10
Technique:Pencil,graphics GIMP2
Amateur astronomer:Przemysław Horoszkiewicz(Poland)

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  1. Przemyslaw,

    Very nice capture of M-82. This is a real springtime favorite with an interesing, active core.


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