Floor Fractured Fracastorius


Lunar Crater Fracastorius
Sketch and Sketch Data by Bognár Tamás, text by Rich Handy

Located on the southern shore of Mare Nectaris, the lava flooded 112 km Fracastorius forms a prominent bay in this superb sketch by Hungarian amateur astronomer Bognár Tamás. Although Little remains of the magnificent terraces that once encircled it’s floor, Fracastorius sports several prominent rilles, and it is classified as a Floor Fractured Crater.

The data of the drawing:
Telescope: 3″ F/11 Newton and 7,5 mm Super Plossl eyepiece
Date: 10-18-2008 UT 20:30-21:00
Co-longitude: 141,8°
Observing Location: Zakany – Hungary, 46° 15′ N 16° 57’E elev.: 129m

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  1. Bognar that is a very precise and accurate study carried out with a small and unusual instrument. You are to be commended, well done 🙂


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