Mooncrater – Wilhelm

Lunar crater Wilhelm - October 3, 2014
Lunar crater Wilhelm – October 3, 2014


last week (October, 3rd, 2014) I met my astro-friend Ralf Mündlein in his nice observatory. In his 5m dome with 16″ ACF and 8″ Apo we started our observation. First object in this night was the moon. The air was excellent and we were very happy to have such great impressions on our cosmical neightbour.

A chose the nice crater Wilhelm with some bigger impacts around the craterwall. A fine mountain chain at the bottom of the crater took my attention. So I made a drawing of this crater with the 8″ Apochromat. It was hard work, because there were so many details. I needed nearly one hour to catch the whole crater.

CS Uwe

Object: Moon
Object Name: Crater Wilhelm
Telescope: 200mm Apo
Eyepiece: 6mm Ethos
Magnification: about 300x
Location: Lindelbach near Würzburg, Germany

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  1. Great sketch Uwe. Looks like your had a good high resolution view. Nice result for an hour’s work.


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