The Biggest Face in the Universe!

Messier 84/86 Group of Galaxies
Messier 84/86 Group of Galaxies

Seeing many objects in an eyepiece view is my favorite things!

So, I love galaxy groups.

M84/86 group like face shape.

He has two eyes, one little nose, smiling mouth, only one eyebrow, and ear…

It is biggest face in the universe!

Object Name : M84/86 group
Object Type : Galaxies
Location : S. Korea
Date : May. 30, 2014
Equipment : Discovery 15″ Dob
Media : Black paper, Jelly pen, Pastel pencil

Nightwid 無雲

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Face in the Universe!”

  1. 와 강욱씨 설명듣고 보니 정말 귀여운 얼굴이 보이네요. 그러네요 내가 아는 우주에서 제일큰 얼굴이네요 ㅎ
    Wow you are right I can see the cute and naive face. Yes, it is the biggest face as long as I know 🙂 / 전은경

  2. Very beautiful and realistic sketch of one of my favorite galaxy groups. :’)

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