3 thoughts on “Rigel”

  1. Did you really see a yellow and a black star as Rigel ? Is’nt it a mistake ?
    Did’nt you forgot to invert the image ?

    Rigel is known as one of the most famous blue stars.

    Please concentrate on the effective and acurate information, and check it before posting on ASOD.

    The packaging is nice, but less useful than the observed object.
    I prefer this kind of representation : http://www.asod.info/?p=1963

    Sorry to be abrupt, but I cannot let this without comment…

  2. am aware of the color of Rigel, but in a full moon night I played what I saw. In fact I was dubious in sending her to Asod, but then I said “I saw this and send this in asod.”
    Excuse me if I answered late, but I saw it just now.

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