Lunar Occultation of Saturn

The Occultation of Saturn by the Moon

Lunar Occultation of Saturn
Lunar Occultation of Saturn


I send you an old sketch of a occultation of Saturn by the moon!

This is the most interesting occultation of Saturn I have seen.

The rings were wide open and the sky was clean.

I used a stop- clock for the timing of this event. Info on the sketch!

For my sketch, I used color crayons on black paper.

Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Best wishes and clear sky from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Thanks for nice comments!

3 thoughts on “The Occultation of Saturn by the Moon”

  1. Amazing sketch.
    That must have been such a great moment.
    Thanks for sharing your tallent.

  2. It is really crucial moment!
    Thank you for sharing this old event.
    I’ll visit Norway next year to see eclipse & northern light.
    Maybe it is top crucial moment in the sky.. 🙂

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